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Makoto Azuma

I’m starting my memorial day weekend early, but I have a very special post for you before I end my weekend. Makoto Azuma is an artist who I have been following for some time now. I love his work and I am very excited to announce his upcoming exhibition at NRW Forum. Granted it’s in Germany and I won’t be able to attend, it’s still very exciting.
Take a look at some of his past work for a taste of what’s to come!

Shiki Formula (2005) click to enlarge

shiki-formula-landscape-2005.JPG shiki-formula-2005.JPG

Damned Ikebana (2006) click to enlarge

danmed-ikebana2.JPG danmed-ikebana1.JPG danmed-ikebana3.JPG

(all images courtesy of stemandcookie.com)

I first found out about Azuma when I did a translation gig for this article (which provides some good background for those unfamiliar with the artist). I can’t wait to see images from this show!

All right, hope everyone has a memorable memorial day weekend!

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