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geografia by Drill Design

Geografia is a new line of stationary-type products with themes relating to geography, topography and the earth. Drill Design insisted on using all sorts of advanced printing techniques (which were done by Marumo, a company that has been in the printing business since the early 1900s) as a means of conveying this earthly information. I really love the color scheme too. What a cool way to get excited about geography!

earth’s axis, 23.4 degrees is an assembly-required globe that is designed to replicate the exact tilt of the earth’s axis. The continents rise up above the bodies of water using a Patented 3D printing technology.


altitude of 200 pages is a memo pad that has cuts to resemble contour lines.

memo1 memo3

planning on paper are a series of notebooks with the plans for some of the most famous metropolitan cities printed on them.

note2_washington note1_kyoto

from the river to the river are a series of bookmarks modeled after famous bodies of water. And each string represents a river that flows into, or out of, the lake.

bookmark11 bookmark5


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