Sachie Muramatsu

Speaking of Baden-Baden, I spotted a new piece of work by lighting designer Sachie Muramatsu who has been working with washi paper for over 10 years making exquisite plant and foliage-inspired lamps. Her latest seasonally appropriate pendant lamp (above) goes for 8,400 yen. But be sure to check out some of her older work too! My favorite is the Hozuki Lamp, inspired by the Hozuki, or the Chinese Lantern Plant.

Hozuki Lamp

Hanamizuki Lamp

Ajisai Lamp


  1. wonderful lamps , guess the first one is my fav

  2. wonderful lamps , guess the first one is my fav

  3. Johnny

    November 23, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Agreed. I think her most recent work is her strongest!

  4. Oh!…that's great helpful, it's so right to me! Million thanks for the article,

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