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One Push Case by Masakage Tanno

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I’ve been meaning to shuffle through the results of the Takaoka Crafts Competition – announced in late 2010 and followed by a subsequent exhibition that closed last month – and I finally got around to it yesterday. I was very happy to see that Masakage Tanno, a young and talented craftsman hailing from Asahikawa city in Hokkaido, had won first place. You may be familiar with his work.

image courtesy of kitka

And the amazing coincidence is that my friends, John and Juli from mjolk, just happen to be visiting Asahikawa right now and this morning they updated a drool-worthy photo diary of a visit to the Tanno studio.

image courtesy of kitka

The award winning design is a series of wooden business card holders and chopstick holders that open by pushing down on the lid. It’s made from rosewood, maple and Indian Ebony. Because images are scarce, I’m sourcing a few from John and Juli!

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