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Glass Food Covers by Switch Design

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Hiromi Taki and Tomonori Ohata, the design duo known as Switch, created these glass food covers. Each was designed for a specific type of snack – onigiri (rice ball), shu cream (cream puff) and a slice of cake – and debuted last year in the Oyatsu Dougu exhibition, a show dedicated to showcasing tools and accessories related to my favorite meal, snack time.  They were hand-blown by Sayaka Kanazu, a craftswoman based in Toyama.

I love how these covers elevate the simple snack to an almost sacred status. As if it’s on object of worship.

The Oyatsu Dougu exhibition was a show sponsored and curated by Codomonocoto, a group that organizes kid-friendly workshops and events, as well as commissions designers to create kid-centric products such as cowakka. The show originally ran in May of 2010, but then traveled on to Shinjuku Isetan department store in conjunction with DesignTide Extension.


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[...] The Japanese design duo Switch came up with these clever food covers that are created for very specific foods: each cover is meant to fit only one object, whether its a slice of cake, a cream puff, or a Japanese riceball (onigiri). They dubbed the trio of glass covers Yum Yum Covers, and had a craftswoman (Sayaka Kanazu) hand-blow each piece. Via Spoon & Tamago: [...]