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Keisuke Tanaka carves miniature landscape into wood

image courtesy Yamamoto Gendai

While researching a number of posts this week I stumbled upon the work of sculptor Keisuke Tanaka. Taking large blocks of wood, Tanaka meticulously whittles them down – occasionally preserving the original surface while sometimes leaving no trace at all – to reveal a blend of realistic and imaginary landscapes.

The result is dynamic wooden sculptures that often depict forests, mountains and clouds, reaching high towards the sky. At times almost pagoda-like, the wooden sculptures aren’t without spiritual imagery. A small temple, nestled within the busy landscape, is a reoccurring motif in Tanaka’s work. His curvy, rhythmical clouds are also reminiscent of ancient legends and fairytales that would feature gods and deities.

image courtesy Yamamoto Gendai 

images courtesy ex-chamber | click detail shots to enlarge


left image courtesy Yamamoto Gendai; right image courtesy G-tokio | click to enlarge

Tanaka uses a variety of wood, from camphor to maidenhair, and then colors in his landscapes using acrylics.

image courtesy fukuhen | click to enlarge

image courtesy fukuhen (detail shot of above) | click to enlarge

image courtesy Yamamoto Gendai

image courtesy Yamamoto Gendai

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