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Re-visualizing Newton’s Cradle | Asobi by Yasutoki Kariya

In creating his senior thesis exhibition, art student Yasutoki Kariya turned for inspiration to Newton’s Cradle – the iconic desktop toy that demonstrates Newton’s third law of motion. Originally created by the actor Simon Prebble back in 1967, Newton’s Cradle succeeded in visualizing momentum – the law that states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

“Asobi” was Kariya’s bright idea. Meaning “play,” the installation is comprised of 11 computer-programmed incandescent light bulbs hung from strings. They playfully re-enact Newton’s Cradle – or more aptly, Edison’s Cradle – visualizing the transfer of kinetic energy, along with a very satisfying click-clack. Mesmerizing.

I found Kariya’s “Asobi” while exploring the nominees of the 2012 Mitsubishi Junior Designer Award, announced on July 7, 2012. You can read our previous coverage on this award HERE.

[Update] A redditor has created a hypnotic and calming animated gif of “Edison’s Cradle.” Awesome.

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1 Ana { 08.03.12 at 4:16 pm }

Hypnotic, that’s the word!

2 Darren Ross { 08.06.12 at 4:59 am }

Or even more aptly, (Sir Joseph) Swan’s Cradle, if we’re talking about the invention of the light bulb.