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The curious case of the running daikon radish

What would you do if you unearthed an oddly-shaped daikon radish that resembled someone swinging their arms and legs back and forth in a sprinting position? Would you place it in humorous situations and photograph it? Well that’s exactly what a farmer in Hyogo prefecture, who goes by the twitter handle @konsai_umemama, decided to do.

all photos by @konsai_umemama

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1 Mercedes Fol-Okamoto { 11.06.12 at 10:54 am }

Eat your vegetables (especially daikon) to be healthy and really good at running!

2 Ezen { 11.06.12 at 8:23 pm }

Hahahaha.. The photos made me laugh… but the comment above really cracked me up! Thanks for making my day :D

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3 Juniper { 11.08.12 at 1:07 am }

I miss Japan, and daikon, and awesome pictures of daikon. LOVE this. livingthroughthesenses.com