Dad spends 7 years on incredibly detailed maze

BAjvOvjCEAElMvX unless otherwise noted, all images courtesy @Kya7y | click to enlarge

Some people have hobbies. Other people are obsessive. But when the two cross paths, this is what you get. Japanese twitter user @Kya7y recently unearthed an incredibly detailed maze that her father created almost 30 years ago. When pressed for details, the father explained that he spent 7 years creating the map on A1 size paper, which is about 33 x 23 inches.

Unsure what to do with the discovery, @Kya7y reached out on twitter but was quickly inundated with requests to receive copies. I wonder how long it would take to finish the maze?

[Update] People have been asking @Kya7y about her father. Everyone seems to want to know more about the man behind this amazing maze. This morning she wrote, “Where does my father work? At a public university!! In the athletic department!!! As a janitor.”

[Update 2] The maze is currently available in our shop ($43). We also began carrying version 2.0 ($35).


720286312photo by @Phantom_ss


source: matome | @Kya74


  1. My email is linked to my comment, and I would love a print of this. I feel like I could spend hours looking at it!

  2. This is amazing – a copy of it would be great 🙂

  3. I would love one too!

  4. I want a copy of this:
    ragdivers /at/ gmail . com

  5. i love it, hope that i can buy one!

  6. I would love a copy! Cheers!

  7. I’d like to buy a copy – or a hi res file to get printed locally.

  8. And what about spending a very long time on 3D Cube mazes ? :p
    (see website for details insidezecube . com / en)

  9. I would love a copy! Please email me

  10. I would love a copy or print of this! Please email me with any information

  11. I would also be interested in a copy!

  12. I would love a copy. Thanks

  13. Would love a copy!

  14. love a copy too!

  15. Michael Whetnall

    February 19, 2013 at 5:43 am

    Can I have a copy, please?

  16. I’d LOVE a copy of this incredibly beautiful maze

  17. I would love a copy please!!!

  18. Would love a copy as well

  19. Would like to purchase a print please.

  20. I love mazes! Would appreciate a digital copy of this if/when possible.

  21. put me down for a copy too!

  22. i also need this copy! please

  23. Amazing! Please do let me know if prints become available. What a great puzzle to solve and make up stories about with my little girl 🙂

  24. I would like to buy a copy if they become available

  25. Please consider me for a copy 🙂

  26. Wow… 7 years? I wonder how long it will take to find the way out. Very cool art!

  27. Nice work!!! Terrific!!!!!
    I really want a copy too. I can pay through paypal site. Thanks.

  28. On March 1 the maze will go on sale here: I’m not sure how the logistics will work for international orders. I plan to make a test order and will report back.

  29. So cool, would love a copy

  30. If you do a figure out how international orders work out, I’ll definitely grab a copy. Let me know.

  31. I would like a copy, shipped to california.

    thanks, matt

  32. Can this be shipped to the U.S.? Please let me know…

  33. Could this be shipped to Australia? I would love a copy.

  34. Received mine today from Japan. Amazing and there is no way I can solve this

  35. How I ordered for USA delivery.
    1. Go to this site:
    2. provide them with item URL :
    3. Provide your address
    4. They will return to with a quote

  36. I would love a copy please

  37. Gene, where did you get it shipped to? I’ve put a quote request in for the UK. What did you have to pay?

  38. 2180 Yen = £15.24 plus i guess 2 lots of shipping (Japan to JZool, Then JZool to UK), plus i guess JZool fees on top. Could get expensive, but worth it 🙂

  39. Simon, I had it shipped to state of Virginia in US. The total cost of $64.00. Certainly this could change for each region and time based on currency market. FYI I decided to frame this work.

  40. Maybe they sent it round the world the long way? What is the quality of the print like and size? I’ll be framing mine too, i hope it is a good talking point and people can stare at it for ages… I’m pretty sure i will be buying one and i think the wife won’t kill me if it comes under £50.

  41. Simon;

    The only ship express mail so I think they can mail it anywhere. The quality of papers is very good and is quite thick. The overall actual size of the print is:
    34.25 inches( 86.9 cm ) wide X 24 inches (60.9 cm ) height as I measured it myself for framing purposes. The maze size is slightly smaller with about 2 inches ( 5 cm) border all around. I have to tell you once you get it you will realize that you will go insane if you attempt to solve it LOL

  42. Thanks for the info. Prepare for insanity then, i’ll inform the family 🙂

  43. Got confirmation today from jzool about price to UK for anyone else interested. The JZool site is quick and easy to use.
    Product Total: $24.22
    Domestic Shipping: $3.33
    International Shipping: $22.22
    PayPal Processing Fee: $2.59
    Service Charge: $12.41
    Total Price: $64.77 (£44.05)

    Expensive poster, hopefully mine is on its way very very soon. Now, must find a frame…

  44. I was going to order one, but the original Japanese website says it takes around 14 days ship out. So it will probably take around 3 weeks+ total depending on where you live.

  45. Mat;

    I think mine took around the same time to arrive. However Once Jzool folks got it it took few days before I received it

  46. Gene – Thanks for the info.
    That’s reassuring. I’ll probably go ahead with it!

  47. If anyone interested this is picture of the maze framed

  48. Hi Gene, very nice, thanks for sharing pic. I hope a few other people can too. Mine is on its way and i will be framing and displaying it like you… Looks really great.

    For those in the UK interested, Jzool was painless. They ordered it, received it and shipped it to me in just 3 days. It took 2 days to get to the UK and now it seems to be delayed at Coventry stuck in customs although i suspect the tracking site can only track as far as customs and its actually on its way to me now. I’ve been listening to my door daily and i’m hoping for it to arrive tomorrow, fingers crossed. If that happens then turnaround from ordering to delivery was just 10 days. Not bad at all eh.

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