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Post Books in Tokyo Periodically Replaces Their Entire Inventory


Did you know there’s a book shop in Tokyo that periodically replaces their entire stock of books? I guess it could be frustrating if you were looking for a book you found once and neglected to pick up. But I like how it mimics the ever-changing landscape that is Tokyo – one day a barber shop, the next day vintage clothes, another day a café.

But there is a method to their madness. Each installment features a curated selection of books based on publisher. They opened in November 2011 with a pure selection of books from German publisher Walter Koenig. And they’re just about to debut their 8th rotation (which would mean a clean sweep every 2 months), featuring books from publishers MACK, LIBRARYMAN and Pierre von Kleist Editions. They recently relocated from Yoyogi Village to LimArt (Gmap) in Ebisu. Go check it out!


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