Our week-long series of Mt. Fuji-related posts is coming to an end. I know you’re sad and are thinking, “no! I still haven’t had enough Mt. Fuji.” Fear not, here are some Mt. Fuji-related products you can purchase to further your appreciation and bring Mt. Fuji into your own home.

Origami Fuji
Origami that, when folded just the right way, reveals Mt. Fuji.

fuji products origami fuji

Fuji sticky notes 
They work as cute page markers

fuji sticky notes

Fuji Envelope
A seemingly normal envelope that reveals Mt. Fuji when opened.

fuji envelope 2

Fuji Tissue case 
‘nuff said…

fuji tissue 2fuji tissue 1

Fujiyama Beer Glass
An image of Mt. Fuji is revealed when you pour a brewski. Try experimenting with different colored beers! Or soda, I guess…

fuji glass

Fuji Senbei 
Rice crackers (senbei) that come in four seasons/flavors – spring, summer, fall and winter

fuji senbei 2

A gorgeous sasami-yaki ceramic bowl inspired by Mt. Fuji


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