Yukio Ohyama has devoted his entire life to photographing Mt. Fuji

I’m finishing up our series on Mt. Fuji with this post because it’s impossible to write about Mt. Fuji and art without discussing the work of photographer Yukio Ohyama. Almost as if destined to be linked to Mt. Fuji – Ohyama (大山) literally means large mountain – he discovered the alluring qualities of Mt. Fuji at a young age and at 24 decided to devote his career to photographing it. Now, almost 40 years later and more than 10 photobooks under his belt, he continues to point his camera at the mountain, rain sleet or shine. He even built his house at the foot of the mountain.

Hearing him talk about Mt. Fuji is like hearing a paparazzi talk about chasing a celebrity. “Sometimes she smiles at me but other times she won’t even look at me,” I once heard him say in an interview.

Fuji ohyama pht_002all images courtesy fujifilmsquare.jp © yukio ohyama

Fuji ohyama pht_003

Fuji ohyama pht_004

Fuji oyama_diamond-cover

Fuji ohyama 007

Fuji ohyama pht_001

This is part of a series of posts on Mt. Fuji. The entire series can be found HERE.

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  1. Great shots. Really like the first twwo, but I assume they were taken in summer due to the lack of snow. Do you know what are the conditions like in early – mid June for photographing Fuji? I’m going to be there shortly. Any tips on a location from where to photgraph her?

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