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Akebono Leads 1000 Zombies Through Tokyo

akebono halloween tokyo 2013 1Photos by Shizuo Kambayashi for AP | click to enlarge

Yesterday in Tokyo former Yokozuna sumo wrestler Akebono lead about 1000 zombies up and around Tokyo Tower. They, of course, weren’t real zombies and the event was staged by Fox International to promote season 4 of the TV show “The Walking Dead.”

Organizers recruited the Hawaiian sumo-wrestler-turned-TV-personality and about 1000 beauty school students, giving them an opportunity to show off their makeup skills.

On a related note, check out our analysis on Japan’s zombie outbreak preparedness.

akebono halloween tokyo 2013 7

akebono halloween tokyo 2013 2akebono halloween tokyo 2013 5

akebono halloween tokyo 2013 4

akebono halloween tokyo 2013 6

Reporters who were on the scene to cover the carnage got their brains chewed out.

Source: Yahoo News | lustik

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