Japan’s Vanishing Terraced Rice Fields

Japan’s Vanishing Terraced Rice Fields

The Japanese can do amazing things with their rice paddies but the real beauty lies in the ancient art of terraced rice fields. Referred to by some as “Japan’s pyramids,” terraced rice fields were the work of ancient farmers who carved wondrous, majestic stairs into the side of cliffs for more effective farming. But with the onset of modern technology and agricultural machinery farmers began abandoning these old platforms for more profitable farming. Photographer Kit Takenaga decided to photograph and capture the terraced rice fields before it was too late.

Head over to Nippon.com to see more pics.

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  1. Japanese is creative! turn somethings 2 somethings ‘modern’, a beauty pics 2 appreciate. Thanks 4 sharing. ” creativity makes me high instant!” Thumbs up!

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