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Drawing the Streets of Tokyo on Coffee Cups with Mariya Suzuki

Photographer Kosuke Okahara collects fragments from Fukushima

The Naoshima Art Islands – A Sample (Spoon & Tamago) Itinerary

In Training: A Documentation of the Slow Art of Bonsai Trees

Shunga: Japanese Erotic Art from the 1600s – 1800s

Hayao Miyazaki to Invest Own Funds to Create Nature Park for Children in Okinawa

Animals Camouflaged by Cloudy Pools of Sumi Ink by Miki Saito

Melting Dream: A Public Toilet Made to Look Like a Mountain of Dessert

Skull Jewelry Carved From Pearls by Shinji Nakaba

Yusei Nagashima: an artist who paints nothing but fish

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