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Genki Sudo’s Choreographed Thousand-Armed Buddha Pitch

Real and Virtual Worlds Combine in Perfume’s Mind-Bending Performance at SXSW

An Immersive Interactive Garden of 2300 Floating Flowers Inspired by a Zen Koan

The 4 Seasons and the Japanese Traditions Associated With Them

How a 50-Year Old Spaniard Gifted the Twitter Handle @japan to the Japanese Government

Tomatan: the wearable tomato robot that feeds you tomatoes as you run

Rare Scenes Captured of Tokyo in Dense Fog

Kakumei-teki himote doumei: the revolutionary grouping of men that women are not attracted to

Japan Reimagines Their Ogres as Strong, Agile and Sexy

Jins Meme: the Japanese eyewear that just won best wearable technology at CES 2015

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