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Announcing the Winners of the 2017 A’ Design Awards & Competition (Sponsor)

The A’ Design Award & Competition is the world’s largest annual juried design competition. Each year the competition accepts entries from over 110 categories, including graphic design, fashion and apparel, photography, toys and games, furniture, architecture, and visual communication.

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An Immersive, Multi-sensory Dining Experience at a Ginza Steak Restaurant

“You eat with your eyes first” is a well-known adage, but whoever coined it first probably wasn’t imagining anything like this. The Ginza steak restaurant Sagaya has collaborated with TeamLab to transform one of their dining rooms into an immersive, multisensory dining experience that utilizes projection mapping, digital sensors and sound to enhance the meal.

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Self Select: Migrants in Tokyo by Yoshinari Nishio

Nara-based Japanese artist Yoshinari Nishio explores the relationships between fashion and communication by exchanging clothes with foreign pedestrians he encounters on the streets of Tokyo.

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Sha-shokudo: A New Public Eatery in Tokyo Inspired by Office Cafeterias

Shya-in-shokudo (employee cafeteria) or shashoku for short, has become quite the buzzword in Japan in recent years as start-up culture and an emphasis on better, healthier living, has lifted the standard of many corporate cafeterias. TV shows that infiltrate offices to see what employees are eating have garnered popularity. And a book featuring recipes from the cafeteria of a digital scale manufacturer became so popular that it inspired a movie.

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Electronics Meets Crafts: Panasonic Teams up with Japanese Craftsmen

Electronics and crafts are sometimes mistaken for being at odds with each other as they compete for consumer dollars. But there’s so much that they share in common as they explore our sense of aesthetics and sensibilities about what it means to live well.

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Tobiishi: Japanese Garden Stepping Stones for the Home

Taking off your shoes before you enter the home is considered polite in many cultures. But it’s also more hygienic. If you live in a Japanese home though, surely you’ve experienced it: that awkward balancing act when someone comes to the door but you don’t want to put your foot down in the genkan so you perform a straddle maneuver to reach the door. Now there’s a better – shall I even say more ‘Zen’ – way.

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Food-Themed Exhibition Coming to the Ghibli Museum

poster for the upcoming Ghibli Museum food exhibition

There’s lots to love in the animated films of Studio Ghibli, like the meticulous attention to detail when it comes to portraying everyday life. And some of the most memorable scenes are the meals, which are often simple – it’s likely that most viewers have eaten them before. But it’s those everyday meals that give so much depth to the characters and allow us to empathize with them.

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Tokyo Gifathon: A new animation every day for 30 days

London-based animator James Curran is currently in Tokyo for 30 days and he’s committed to making a new animated GIF each day inspired by his stay.

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Karuizawa Home Turns Forest into Five Courtyards

all photos by Daici Ano

The lush hamlet of Karuizawa is known for its otherworldly architecture. Roughly a 2-hour drive from Tokyo, it’s where urban wealth goes to play. Owning a home or vacation home in Karuizawa is the ultimate status symbol. Besides leaning towards the avant-garde (note that these homes are the exception, rather than the norm, in Japan) one trait that many of these homes have in common is that they are designed to take advantage of their mountainous surroundings by inviting the outdoors, in.

One of the latest additions – a home for an art collector – is no different, but it’s exceptionally well executed.

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Japanese Architect Tests the Limitation of Large Hats

The Edwardian era of fashion in the early 1900s was perhaps best known for gigantic hats. Oversized hats were having their moment on the heads of high society women despite complaints that they were obtrusive. But how can a hat really be while still being, well, a hat? Japanese architect Kosaku Matsumoto decided to try and find out.

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