Design Matrix of the 20th Century

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I was going through some old magazines the other day when I came across this: Design Matrix of the 20th Century. It’s from a March 2002 issue of the no-longer-existant Studio Voice (except as an app). I took it to photoshop and redid it in English so I apologize if it’s not perfect.

But it’s a great reference if you need a quick history on a certain country’s industrial design!


  1. there’s ULM, there’s BRAUN and bill and rams mentioned, but where is OTL AICHER?

  2. Johnny

    August 11, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    good catch! That’s a pretty big name they missed!

  3. Forgive my pedantry, but the label “England” should really have been “Britain” too. All those Scots are going to be pissed off at losing The Glasgow School and Charles Rennie Mackintosh to their southern neighbour!

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