Month: April 2012 (page 2 of 3)

Milano Salone 2012: Turn Light Into Delight by Makoto Tanijiri

Milano Salone 2012: Lacquered Paper Objects by Nendo

Milano Salone 2012: Canon Neoreal – In The Forest

Milano Salone 2012: Panasonic’s Photosynthesis by Akihisa Hirata

Re:Particles| Ohgushi and Makoto Yabuki

Cogoo’s Turntable Rider lets bike riders be DJs

Tokyo Zoo Project | mapping animals on the streets of Tokyo

Kenichi Kanazawa visualizes sound using rainbow-colored sand

The Waterfront | the metaphysical photographs of Yoi Kawakubo

Cherry Blossom Jewelry from O-Jewel

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