Japanese leather bagmaker Tsuchiya Kaban has created a hand-crafted leather bag whose sole purpose to to carry one miniature yukidaruma (snowpal, in Japanese). With smooth, clean lines, high quality, water-resistant leather and a thermally insulated polyester inner lining, the bag ensures you and your snow sculpture will arrive in style.

The Yukidaruma Bag, is the result of an initiative by Tsuchiya Kaban called “the fun of carrying,” in which individual artisans are given complete creative rein to work on whatever they like. The initiative was originally launched over the summer and resulted in the absolutely lovely Watermelon Bag.

The bag was created by artisan Yuko Matsuzawa, who explains that she was inspired by the season’s first snow — looking out the window on a cold morning, seeing the first snowflakes fall to the ground, and being filled with the urge to share that moment with someone you care about.

Watch the utterly satisfying video below to see exactly how much thought and care went into making this bag.

a removable tray with a dimple ensure that your snowman remains upright while you travel, and also allows for ease of removal

it even comes with a inner pocket that holds a small ice pick for pruning and perfecting your snowman