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Trompe-l’œil Illusions of Globs of Paint Form New Paintings by Teppei Takeda

Tetanpo: A Bird-Shaped Ceramic Hand Warmer

Remembering Japanese Words Deleted From the Dictionary

The Vase Boutique in Nakameguro is Located Inside a 70-Year Old Wooden Home

Matchstick Cookies Keep the Flame of Tradition Alive

Asako Kitamura, Japan’s Only Female Nebuta Float Artisan

Remembering Loved Ones With Incense Shaped After Their Favorite Hobby

The Stunning Yasutake Sweets Shop in Dazaifu Dedicates Themselves to Local Specialty Umegae Mochi

On Ogijima, A Mural of Island Life by Oscar Oiwa Painted Inside a Shigeru Ban Structure

Goldfish Artist Riusuke Fukahori Pays Homage to Savior in Latest Tokyo Exhibition

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