Forest Crayons are a set of 10 crayons, each with a color derived solely from a different species of tree native to Japan such as cedar, hazenoki and katsura. Designed by Saki Maruyama and Daniel Coppen of Studio Playfool, the crayons manage to repurpose Japan’s otherwise wasted timber as a source of pigment, breathing new life into the country’s abundant wood resources and allowing one to appreciate and create with the forest like never before.

While the color of wood is often thought of as simply ‘brown’, Forest Crayons reveals the vast spectrum of hues that exist in the forest. After months experimenting and refining to achieve the most vibrant result possible, the final crayons have each been carefully crafted by the Mizutani brothers at their modest factory located in the outskirts of Nagoya.

They’re available for $32.