Erasers are usually used to delete mistakes. And as they get worn down, they become dirty or harder to hold. By nature, they are not fun to use. But Japanese stationery fim PLUS is on a mission to reverse that mentality with erasers inspired by the iconic woodblock prints of Katsushika Hokusai.

The company’s latest product features 3 erasers, each in different holders that feature distinct views of Mt. Fuji as depicted by Katsushika Hokusai in his iconic “36 Views of Mt. Fuji.” And each eraser comes in a color that matches the print. But the real magic happens when you begin erasing those mistakes. As the eraser wears down, the white interior slowly becomes visible, eventually revealing a snow-capped Mt. Fuji-shaped eraser.

With writing now being done primarily on computers and phones, we all rarely have the opportunity to use pencils and erasers. But we love how Japan not only keeps the tradition alive but continues to innovate with stationery.

The company sells regular Mt. Fuji-shaped erasers, but this special Hokusai-inspired set is being released on June 20, and will retail for 880 yen. They will be available online and at select stationery stores around Japan.