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Miniature Origami Cranes Take Flight in Sculptures by Naoki Onogawa

Motoi Yamamoto Made 100,000 Sakura Petals From Salt in Memory of His Family

Japan’s KAI Industries Has Developed the World’s First Disposable Paper Razor

Repetitive, Mandala-Like Paintings by Yuri Shimojo Remembers the Victims of March 11

New Branding for Setouchi Brewery Emphasizes the Unique Climate of the Islands

Haruki Murakami Has Designed a Line of T-Shirts for UNIQLO

Kazuo Ishiguro’s Latest Novel ‘Klara and the Sun’ Book Cover Design by Toshiyuki Fukuda

Dark and Intricate Kirie Cut From a Single Piece of Black Paper by Ayaka Chigira

Elaborate Jomon-Era Pottery Informs the Colorful Curvatures of Couture by Ryunosuke Okazaki

Sculpted Sushi Made Entirely From Natural Polished Stones

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