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Photographer Meticulously Recreates Images of Chickens Painted by Edo-Era Artist Ito Jakuchu

The Watermelon Kimono is the Perfect Summer Outfit

Three Art Festival to Visit in Japan in the 2nd Half of 2024

This is the Time of Year Bamboo Shoots Grow, Sometimes Wreaking Havoc

The 2024 Toyama Kei-Truck Gardening Contest

‘Puddle’ Are a Series of Flower Vessels Inspired by Puddles of Water

Five Unique Experiences at Harajuku’s Latest Development Harakado

Japan Quietly Shines at Milan Design Week

Myaku-Myaku Footwear, Inspired by the Googly-Eyed Mascot for the Osaka Expo

Death Fes in Shibuya Asks Visitor to Embrace Their End

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