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Twenty Two Artists Created Over 120 Artworks Throughout the Tokyo Offices of GREE

60-Year-Old Machiya Adapted into Hender Scheme’s New Osaka Flagship

Discover Fukui Sake Along the Kuzuryu River at Eshikoto

Oimachi’s New Shopping Oasis Coexists with the Mountains and Sea

Yoko Tada Began Painting in her 80s. At 100 She’s Publishing Her First Book

Repurposing Japan’s Glut of Empty Homes as Greenhouses

Close-up Photographs of Sumo Wrestlers Evoke Mountain Ranges Shrouded in Fog

Exploring Tokyo’s Hidden Shrines

Tolerance Poster Show Debuts in Japan

Tamatsukuri Kindergarten’s Renewed Circular Campus Fosters Inquisitive Learning and an Appreciation for Nature

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