Tan Yamanouchi’s New House Speaks to His Cats’ Desires

All images © Lamberto Rubino courtesy Tan Yamanouchi & AWGL

Ever wondered what your home might look like if it were custom-designed to cater to the tastes of your beloved feline companions? Well, the architect Tan Yamanouchi (previously) of AWGL has designed a purr-fect home, prioritizing his two cats over himself and his partner. Instead of adhering to typical human requirements, the architect decided to treat their furry companions as esteemed clients.

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Objects of Nostalgia Recreated in Pixelated Ceramics by Toshiya Masuda

all images courtesy the artist

On the spectrum of artistic materials, pixel art and ceramics seemingly couldn’t be further apart. On one end you have one of mankind’s oldest forms of expression dating back to the late Paleolithic period. On the other, a digital form of art that was born in the 1970s. It was this gap that drew artist Toshiya Masuda down the path of uniting them.

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You’ll Soon Be Able to Stay in One of Japan’s Most Beautifully Designed Prisons

photos by Masashi Mizowaki and Takaharu Yagi

Spending the night in jail is usually not a good thing. Unless of course you’re staying in Japan’s Nara Prison, a historic red-brick structure built in 1908 with western archways and onion domes that lend an air of castle more than incarceration. The prison shut down in 2017 but is being preserved for its architectural and historic significance. The renovated structure will reopen in 2026 as a hotel.

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The Evolution of Meiji Era Craftsmanship, On Full Display in Tokyo

It’s hard to overstate the cataclysmic impact that the Meiji Restoration had on Japan. The Meiji period, defined as the period between 1868 and 1912, followed what was nearly 300 years of almost complete isolation from the globe. Craftsmen and artists who had previously served just one master—their feudal lord, or daimyo—were suddenly faced with an international audience. And so they had to adapt to a totally new clientele and demand, which consequently resulted in a flourishing of new styles and production techniques.

From kibori wood sculpting to kirie paper cutting, a new exhibition opening in Tokyo highlights today’s contemporary artisans working across multiple mediums who continue to hone their craft to a level that has elevated craft to works of marvelous art.

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Trunk Hotel’s Newest Yoyogi Park Location Embraces Its Neighboring Park and City

photos by Tomooki Kengaki courtesy Keiji Ashizawa Architects

Trunk Hotel Yoyogi Park is a new boutique hotel located in Tokyo’s quiet Tomigaya neighborhood that just opened this month. Designed by architect Keiji Ashizawa, the 7-story hotel has 25 rooms, a restaurant and a rooftop lounge & pool that overlooks the lush Yoyogi Park.

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New Tadao Ando-Designed Museum to Open on Naoshima in 2025

A new museum will open on the art island of Naoshima in 2025. Although the official name has yet to be announced, the structure will be designed by architect Tadao Ando and will mark his 10th museum on the island.

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Coworking Space in Kinosaki Onsen Encourages Users to Take Bath Breaks

Photo: Madoka Nishiyama courtesy KIAC

This might very well be the coworking space of our dreams. The Kinosaki International Art Center (KIAC) is a multipurpose community center located in Kinosaki Onsen, a quaint town on the coast of Japan that’s known for their natural hot springs. In addition to a theater, dance studios and residences, KIAC recently opened a coworking space equipped with everything your contemporary remote worker needs. What’s more, their desks are specifically designed to encourage users to take bath breaks at one of the many nearby hot springs.

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Unwind With Books And Beverages at Iwami Ginzan’s Unique Library Cafe

All images © Iwami Ginzan Library

Situated in Omori-cho, Ota City, Shimane Prefecture, the Iwami Ginzan Town Library Cafe and Co-working Space offers a unique fusion of a relaxed library atmosphere and modern amenities. It is housed within a former merchant’s residence on the main street of the UNESCO World Heritage site, Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and its Cultural Landscape.

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Tumi-Isi Wooden Stacking Rocks

Designed by Nara-based design studio A4, tumi-isi (積み石; ‘stacking stones’ in Japanese) are a set of 5 blocks individually hand bevelled into asymmetrical shapes by local artisans. No two sets are identical. These tactile objects are meant to nourish your sense of balance and creativity, while also transporting you back to that river where you stacked stones as high as you could. 

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Cherry Blossom Trees Sprout From Terunobu Fujimori’s ‘Kodamari Fuji’ Lodge

The quaint village of Fujimi is located near the border of Nagano and Yamanashi Prefectures. Time tends to pass a bit more slowly here where rice paddies overlook the Southern Alps, Mt. Yatsugatake, and Mt. Fuji. It’s here that architect-extraordinaire Terunobu Fujimori decided to build his first-ever guest lodge.

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