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Japan’s Jimi ‘Mundane’ Halloween Costumes of 2022

Glass Coffeeware Brand Hario Created a Jewelry Business to Help Artisans Hone Their Craft

Advertisement for New Crime Drama Elpis Has Cool Visual Trick

Tokyu Hands Reborn as ‘Hands.’ A Closer Look at Nendo’s Rebranding

Mai Suzuki Proposes New Applications For Traditional Kumiko

ForestBank: A New Type of Lumber Made From ‘Worthless’ Forest Debris by Yuma Kano

Sculptural Concrete Lighting by Ryuichi Kozeki Looks to the Past for a Sustainable Future

Birthplace of the Capybara Hot Bath Celebrates 40 years of Rodent Relaxation

Nina Nomura Breathes New Life into Plastic Products Through Perforation

Nipponia Kosuge: A Village of 700, Turned Into a Sprawling Hotel

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