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Fishmallow: The Fish-Shaped Marshmallow

Spoon & Tamago’s Most Popular Posts of 2021

Artist Shoko Kanazawa’s Large-Scale Calligraphy Shines Bright Like the Moon

Pencil Shavings Become Bonito Flakes in Whimsical Okonomiyaki Pencil Sharpener

Bread Bugs: Intriguing and Adorable Four-Legged Felt Pastries by Atelier Hatena

Edo’s Eco Life for Today: Part 2 – Food Culture in the Edo Era

Miniature, Ornate Wooden ‘Danjiri’ Floats Carved Entirely by Hand

Viscous Slime Covers the Faces of Portraits Painted by Kotao Tomozawa

Kotatsu Have Been Around Longer Than We Imagine. And Art History Has the Proof.

Flash Forward: Debut Works and Recent Films by Notable Japanese Directors

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