Summer in Japan is not summer in Japan without festivals and watermelon. So if you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe with some playful pieces that celebrate the season, as well as festival-appropriate outfits, look no further than the watermelon kimono – a juicy take on a timeless garment. A unique blend of tradition and whimsy, the watermelon kimono is not just a fashion statement but the perfect embodiment of summer’s spirit.

Created by, an online marketplace known for their whimsical kimono designs, the watermelon kimono features a bright green and black exterior, resembling the rind, and a red obi, mimicking the juicy flesh of a watermelon. It’s a cotton hitoe kimono, which means it has no liner, making it perfect for the warmer times of the year.

The watermelon kimono is available in both women and mens sizes, and typically require a 90-day turnaround as each piece is made-to-order.