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Women and Cats: Contemporary Bijinga Paintings by Kazuho Imaoka

Spoon & Tamago’s Most Popular Posts of 2019

18th Century ‘Wind God and Thunder God’ Painting Recreated in LEGO

Japanese Monk “Exorcizes” Regrets of Those Unable to Take Paid-Time-Off

20,000 Bamboo Lanterns Illuminate the Chikuraku Festival

Recreating Memories of Tsukiji Through Photogrammetry

Looking Back on 2019 Through Japan’s Photojournalism Awards

Atsushi Adachi Explores Memories Through Sculptures Made From Old Newspaper

Make your own izakaya-grade chopsticks with Hamidashimono

A 200-Year Old Soy Sauce Maker Rebuilds Itself After the Earthquake

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