Month: May 2021

A Butterfly Sipping Moisture from Puddles, Sculpted Entirely in Wood by Toru Fukuda

Posters for Japan’s National Pillow Fight Contest

Sculptor Kenichi Nakaya Reconfigures Ubiquitous Japanese Rural Crafts

Spoon & Tamago Member Lecture with Kintsugi Artist Tomomi Kamoshita

Reductive Architecture Reduces the Burden of Maintaining Large Japanese Townhouse

Mirume: A New Eco-Friendly Green Tea Cafe in Nagoya

Kamawanu is Breathing New Life into the Ancient Japanese Craft of Tenugui Hand Towels

Music Monday: TEKE::TEKE

Family Mart Debuts New Line of ‘Convenience Wear’ Essentials

Dense Pencil Drawings of Retro-Future Worlds by Yota Tsukino

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