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Shibuya Unveils Graphics Discouraging Halloween Parties in Their Ward

After the tragic and fatal Halloween crowd crush that occured in Seoul last year, Tokyo’s Shibuya ward, which has increasingly become a go-to spot for Halloween parties—often with dangerous consequences—is taking preemptive measures to discourage people from congregating in their ward later this month. Teaming up with art director Koichi Kosugi, this week Shibuya released a massive visual campaign to broadcast their message.

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The Conran Shop, A New Chapter For Hillside Terrace by Keiji Ashizawa Design

All images courtesy of Keiji Ashizawa Design

Since opening its London flagship in 1973, The Conran Shop has been a go-to destination for all things contemporary design. And in their latest chapter, the curated shop welcomes you to its new space in Hillside Terrace, a relaxing village of shops and boutiques in the Daikanyama neighborhood of Tokyo. Architect Keiji Ashizawa, responsible for the interior design of The Conran Shop, described Daikanyama as “a very calm neighborhood” amid bustling Tokyo, and his vision was to create a store that offers respite from the city.

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A VHS Cafe is Opening in Tokyo’s Shimokitazawa Neighborhood

Despite it’s image of neon lights and cyberpunk mystique propagated by the west, Tokyo is very much a mash-up of old and new. It’s a city where Tower Records is still alive and well. Where vinyl record and vintage clothing shops have to employ crowd control measures. And where a hand-written letter sent by FAX machine still holds value. So it was no surprise when we heard that a VHS cafe was opening in Tokyo.

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School Lunch Provider Creates Manga Milk to Encourage Kids to Finish Their Milk

Seki Milk, a Gifu-based provider of milk and other dairy-based products to local schools, had long been dealing with an inconvenient truth. A large majority of students—65%, according to their own research— weren’t finishing their milk. This was leading to food loss but also a decrease in calcium and other nutrients the kids needed to grow. But getting schools to implement any kind of strict rule also felt wrong. The answer, it turned out, was in comics.

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Whale Butter Dish Designed by Akira Yoshimura

This whimsical butter dish is sure to bring a sea of change to your kitchen. Designed by Akira Yoshimura (previously) and lovingly produced by the metal artisans of Takaoka-based Sanomasa, the Whale Butter Dish is made in the likeness of a whale that has swallowed a stick of butter in one huge gulp.

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Designed by Kengo Kuma, Kiki’s Museum of Literature to Open in Tokyo

Fans of “Kiki’s Delivery Service” will be delighted to learn that a new museum dedicated to children’s book author Eiko Kadono will open in Tokyo. Designed by architect Kengo Kuma, the three-story Kiki’s Museum of Literature will be located inside Nagisa Park, which is situated in the Edogawa district of Tokyo, known as the author’s home.

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Creatures of the Echigo Sea Emerge from Straw in the 2023 Wara Art Festival

Autumn is officially upon us. It’s the season of shorter days, brighter moons and bountiful harvests. Niigata prefecture, in Northern Japan, is known for its rice paddies and rice production. Around this time of year the rice harvest becomes a big deal, as well as the tons of rice straw, or wara, that is leftover. It can be plowed down as soil improver, fed to livestock, or even woven into decorative ornaments. But before any of that, for the past 10 years Uwasekigata Park has hosted a Wara Art Festival by teaming up with art students to create creatures, both large and small, from rice straw.

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‘Mirai No Table’ Brings Childcare and Dining Together As One

All images © Atelier Air Flo Nukasawa courtesy of Harema Design Office

At the crossroads of childcare and dining, ‘Mirai no Table‘ (Table of the Future) is a café conceived from the dual perspectives by Harema Design Office.

The café embodies the idea that our food choices shape our future. By combining the expertise of the Sakura Sakumirai daycare center and Pan to Espresso bakery cafe, it strives to create a secure and enjoyable dining space for families. Services like warming baby food and reheating dishes ensure that parents with young children can dine without any worries.

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Undercover’s Jun Takahashi Lights up Paris Fashion Week with Glowing Terrarium Dresses

images courtesy Undercover

Flora and fauna were abound as designer Jun Takahashi’s fertile creativity was unleashed during Paris Fashion Week 2023. The designer’s iconic brand Undercover, equally revered as a cult name in streetwear and as a fixture on Paris’ haute couture calendar, was showing a collection titled “Deep Mist.”

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Tan Yamanouchi’s New House Speaks to His Cats’ Desires

All images © Lamberto Rubino courtesy Tan Yamanouchi & AWGL

Ever wondered what your home might look like if it were custom-designed to cater to the tastes of your beloved feline companions? Well, the architect Tan Yamanouchi (previously) of AWGL has designed a purr-fect home, prioritizing his two cats over himself and his partner. Instead of adhering to typical human requirements, the architect decided to treat their furry companions as esteemed clients.

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