Month: June 2016 (page 2 of 4)

New Cut Paper Book Sculptures by Noriko Ambe

A New Kindergarten Made From Shipping Containers Teaches Kids to Value Resources

Sukima Atelier: a home in Tokyo that’s like a stroll through the city

Wagashi Shop in Tokyo Sells Seppuku-Themed Dessert

MUJI’s New Tatazumai Collection of Artisan Crafts

Father-Son Ultraman Tumbler is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Wooden Work Stations and Benches Added to Subway Stations Along the Tokyo Metro

Miniature Collages Inspired by the Sea, Made From Newspaper Clippings and Nihonga Materials

Miyagawa Bagel: a New York Staple Meets Local Japanese Ingredients

Shin Yoshiwara: A New Risqué Souvenir Shop in Tokyo Inspired by the City’s Red Light District

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