Welcome to Sukima Atelier, a structure which captures the vibe of the Tokyo cityscape in a single residential home. While some like to consider the home as a relaxing shelter from the hustle and bustle of city life, others like to think about ways to bring the experience of that very same city into their home.

Inspired to think about a way to encapsulate the enjoyable experience of taking an stroll through a city, Makiko Tsukada Architects created a space that echoes the slick surfaces of the Tokyo cityscape, a bustling metropolis known all over the world for its modern architecture.

Dubbed Sukima Atelier, this residence is a combined home, gallery, and workspace divided into five sections with a southern facing garden, offering residents a city in miniature. Completed in 2015 and tucked into a residential neighborhood in Nerima, Tokyo, Sukima Atelier’s angular and smooth surfaces offer a stylishly minimalist diversity to the surrounding residential architecture.

sukima atelier

The clients who approached Makiko Tsukada Architects wanted a space that could accommodate several needs: focused working areas, art exhibition space, and a space to enjoy conversation and music with guests. Skylights set in the ceiling let natural light stream into the house, and strategically placed plants bring an element of the great outdoors inside.

sukima atelier 1

A slatted awning encourages hanging plants to flourish and prosper, creeping long green tendrils down the wall.


Short open staircases also double as casual benches.


The walls of this room don’t extend all the way to the floor, letting light permeate through the space and offering a playful visual slat into the activities next-door.


This room offers residents a focused working area.


The spaces between the five main rooms are multi-use: below, the hallway doubles as a home gallery, above, the platform is also a quiet reading area.


A cozy little reading nook and private library.