Hario’s original glass studio in Tokyo’s Kanda Sudacho neighborhood

Since their founding in 1921, Hario has done one thing: create high-quality glassware. From the beginning, the company specialized in heat-resistant glass and provided the scientific community with beakers and test tubes. Today they are known around the world for their coffee and tea accessories.

Over the past century the company noticed that the craft of glassmaking was quickly being replaced by industrial machines. So in 2013, Hario established a jewelry studio called Hario Lampwork Factory as an outlet for their artisans to hone their skills but also to create a structure that ensures the art of glassmaking is passed down to the next generation.  

As it turns out, the pliability and durability of Hario’s heat-resistant glass was perfect for jewelry making because it allowed the artisans to stretch and bend the glass into delicate and exquisite shapes. Heat-resistant glass also has the benefit of being considerably lighter and stronger than regular glass so it doesn’t pull on the ears or neck.

Each piece is individually made by Hario artisans, helping them hone their skills but also ensuring that that the flame of glass craft is never extinguished. You can find some of their pieces online at the Spoon & Tamago Shop.