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Art director and graphic designer Koji Iyama has been staging installations across Japan to promote the multifunctional uses of mt-masking tape. His latest installation arrived in Sendai, almost 2 years after it was ravaged by the devastating tsunami.

Staged within an old warehouse, and utilizing its high ceilings, Iyama hung hundreds of rolls of masking tape from the ceiling, delineating space and affecting the flow of people. He then proceeded to cover the entire floor with masking tape as well, including all objects in his way, like bicycles.

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  1. Sadly it appears to me like a huge waste of plastic, without detracting from the aesthetic beauty.

  2. Washi tape is not plastic…it’s rice paper masking tape. This installation is absolutely amazing!

  3. Oh…sorry then!

  4. wonderful promotion of masking tape…. if this is your purpose. otherwise, please consider for the environment in first place. …so sad …

  5. Simply amazing. The installation looks beautiful. I’d much rather choose this over paint.

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