There is something you must know about me; I am obsessed with books. And I think I share this obsession with many people. Yes, they are a symbol of intellect. And everyone wants to look smart right? But I think there is something else. Books are tangible relics of what defines us as human beings. A reminder, if you will. We surround ourselves with books that we feel represent us, just in case we forget who we are. We have books on our hobbies, books on special interests, books that represent, not what we are, but what we aspire to be, as well as books that were given to us by this person and that person. And because books are not only for ourselves, but for those who visit us at our homes, equally significant are the shrines that house these artifacts. Which is why I have Domino Magazine to thank for these inspiring collection of images. I’ve only cherry-picked the images I like but you can see the full collection here!    

gasl_bookcases_01.jpg gasl_bookcases_03.jpg
gasl_bookcases_22.jpg gasl_bookcases_33.jpg
gasl_bookcases_43.jpg gasl_bookcases_47.jpg