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Tumi-Isi Wooden Stacking Rocks

Shimmering Glass Plates Make You Feel Like You’re Eating Off Water Droplets

Icoma Foldable Electric Bike Inspired by Japanese Transformable Toys

Discarded Tatami Mats are Reborn as Contemporary Furniture

Make Daily Life Comical With Manga Sound Effects

Veggies Reimagined as Miniature ‘Wabi-Sabi’ Bonsai

A Refurbished Public Bus is Currently Travelling Japan as a Mobile Sauna

Tomohisa Suzuki’s Shopkit Makes Hosting Pop-Up Shops Easy

New Pillow Lets You Nap While Being Threatened by an Adorable Red Panda

Wearable Bean Bag Pillow from Japanese Brand Hanalolo Let’s You Rest Anytime, Anywhere

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