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School Lunch Provider Creates Manga Milk to Encourage Kids to Finish Their Milk

Dystopian ‘Collaged’ Figurines by Hiroki Tsukuda Depict The Darkest Hour

Wander the Night Japan: An Ambient Soundscape Project on Vinyl Record and Photobook

Tsumi-gram Building Blocks Teach the Concept of Mass

KANOGU: Aromatic Paints Stimulate Your Sense of Sight & Smell

Artist Transforms 70-Year Old Countryside Train Station into Immersive Art Installation

Boxes Stacked on the Side of a Cliff Form this Home in Hiroshima

Akira Minagawa Designs New Kyoto Machiya Guesthouse

A Brief History of Japanese Baseball’s Ceremonial Opening Pitch

Imaginative Illustrations of Immune System Cells by Masanobu Ishii

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