all photographs by Cody Ellingham

Wander the Night Japan is an ambient soundscape project created by sound artist Simon James French (SJF) and photographer Cody Ellingham. Inspired by the difficulties of lockdowns experienced throughout 2020 and 2021, and based on their shared experiences of living in Japan, the two have collaborated on a limited edition 12″ vinyl record that captures the audio and visual magic of travelling through Japan.

“The murmurs of a busy airport echo through the terminal as a woman’s voice announces the next flight arriving in Tokyo. A glistening orchestral drone fades in as rain falls on people wandering home at the end of a spring day. Piano riffs swell to paint a landscape of water babbling along a forest stream in Kyoto.”

This is the magic that is embedded in Wander the Night Japan, both through audio soundscape and nocturnal photography. The project is being funded through a Kickstarter campaign where you can sample the audio, as well as back the project to get your hands on the 12″ LP and photobook.

The music was recorded by French from his small houseboat on Regent’s Canal, in the centre of London. His process involved immersing himself in Ellingham’s photos of Japan and then composing music to it. The music features hints of field recordings taken during his time living in Japan which come together to create a soundscape that brings the photos to life.