Contemporary Pokemon fans have always been able to carry around their favorite Pokemon in their smartphones. But now, they’ll be able to carry them in another way: on their backs. The Pokemon company has teamed up with Original Stitch, a Japanese manufacturer of custom-made shirts, to create custom-fitted dress shirts in original designs that feature your favorite Pokemon.

you’ll have to look closely to spot Jigglypuff in this gingham checkered shirt

What separates this project from the infinite Pokemon merch out there is that the team actually spent a lot of time and thought creating good-looking designs that are viable as dress shirts. Sure, there is a wide spectrum to choose from – currently there are 20 patterns but eventually there will be 151 – and some are more wacky than others. But many incorporate conventional patterns like paisley and gingham that require a 2nd or even 3rd look before you realize that there are Pokemon hidden in the designs.

The shirts will go on sale January 26, 2018 but you’ll need an account with Original Stitch (as well as some working knowledge of Japanese) to order. All shirts are made-to-order so the turnaround time is about 1 month.

Kakuna (and pokeballs) printed in paisley style