It’s a well-known formula for success: (graphic design + product design) * stationary = magic! Japanese graphic design firm D-Bros (previously) have released a new line of stationary called D-Bros for Business. Targeted at working professionals, the new brand aims to put the fun back into work, or something like that. The new lineup currently features a reworked version of 3 standard business items: the notebook, the file and the card case.

The Javaring File (1,260 yen): the compressed bellows allow for all shapes and sizes of paper or documents to be quickly stored away for retrieval later.

The Pen and Note (1,050 yen): an easy-to-use design that incorporates a pen and paper pocket

Paper Card Case (840 yen): a simplistic form born a from a single piece of paper and a single fold

All their products are available through caina or if you need help ordering from abroad white rabbit can assist.

source: hitspaper | dbros