Dad Turns Daughter’s Artwork into Adorable Bento Box

all photos courtesy Takafumi Ozeki

Takafumi Ozeki is definitely a contender for the 2017 Dad of the Year Award. Ozeki often makes bento box lunches for his daughter to take to preschool. He attempts to create adorable kyara-ben (character bento) that feature his daughter’s verbal requests for some of her favorite TV characters or animals.

But recently his daughter created a drawing and asked her Dad to turn it into a bento box. Ozeki was up for the challenge, and translated the sweet drawing into a unique and creative bento box. The result was quite wonderful and the daughter was incredibly happy, said Ozaki on Twitter. But he expressed concern that the teacher, not aware of the back story, may think he’s deranged.

Ozeki, when not making adorable bento boxes for his daughter, is one half of the Japanese comedy duo The Geese.

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  1. So charming! What a wonderful dad. She’ll remember these little creations all her life – maybe not all the details, but the fact that her dad loved her so much.

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