Paper-wood Horse (2011) | click images to enlarge

TIDE Focus is an exhibition curated by the DesignTide committee. This year they will survey the work of Yusuke Hayashi and Yoko Yasunishi, more commonly known as Drill Design. The design duo are known primarily for their product design, but also for their creative direction and, more recently, an independently-developed material known as Paperwood.

The exhibition, which features their most latest products, runs till the end of DesignTide (Nov. 4) and is happening at Tokyo Midtown Hall (Gmap).

TOTE (2012). A bookshelf made from a single block of wood and a single piece of stainless steel, crafted to resemble the handle of a tote bag | click to enlarge


Paper-wood Bench (2011) | click to enlarge


Hang Bag (2012). A chair designed for public spaces where people are inclined to hang things like bags and coats | click to enlarge

this post is part of a series covering the design festivities (Tokyo Designer’s Week and DesigTide Tokyo) taking place through Nov. 4. Full coverage can be found right here.