we’re be bringing you some of our favorite picks from DesignTide Tokyo, which ran from October 29 – November 3, 2011. Click here for all our stories on the exhibition.

images courtesy daisuke shimokawa | click to enlarge

Wrapping up our series on DesignTide Tokyo 2011, we bring you “toge” (とげ) – thorn or splinter in Japanese – a sea-urchin shaped module made from piano wire and epoxy that interlocks with each other to act like building blocks. It’s the work of Tokyo-based French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux, whose series of rainbow-colored banks won me over as a fan. It’s clear that Moureaux has a penchant for color, which is also apparent in her wedding dress made from 500 of these toge modules. The dress was on display at DesignTide Tokyo and demonstrated the infinite capabilities of these rainbow-colored sea-urchin.

Oh, and it’s quite appropriate that “toge” also means toga in French.

source: press release from Emmanuelle Moureaux