For Your Next Vacation, Head Nowhere

You may have noticed when I tweeted about it last week, but I was honored to be one of the chosen bloggers participating in Kiwi Collection’s “Battle of the Blogger” contest.

The competition is tough as I am up against some very talented writers including Carrie of DailyAddict, Erin of ElementOfStyleBlog, David W. of TheWorldsBestEver, Jen of MyFolieaDeaux and David P. of The Roaming Boomers.

The post with the most hits wins a hotel stay of their choice. So help me take a vacation by visiting my article HERE, where I feature the Nowhere Resorts!


  1. oh, i’ve loved your article. it describes my actual feeling: coming back from holidays and already tired!! every morning, i ask myself: are they really over??? REALLY????
    great places, as usual…
    PS: so nice to read your comment 🙂

  2. thanks for checking out the article claude! so nice to have you back…

  3. Hey – your Kiwi Collection article is awesome.

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