fukutegami wearable stationery

Fukutegami: write, fold, send; receive, read, put on.

Just like the Internet changed the dynamics of long-distance relationships, Masako Yokoi wants to give separated friends and lovers, quite literally, a new layer. While researching fashion and clothing at Keio University’s master’s program Yokoi came up the idea for Fukutegami. Translating to ‘Clothing Letter,’ the idea was to create a series of garments that had the characteristics of stationery. They could be written on, addressed, and mailed in the post.


folding fukutegami

how to fold a fukutegami garment into a mailable package.

The idea was so well-received that Yokoi decided to use an online platform to crowd-source funds for the project. And sure enough, earlier this month, her campaign successfully signed on enough backers that she was able to raise her targeted 550K yen (about $4500).

“Fukutegami lets you write very personal messages to those you care about,” says Yokoi. “And by wearing that handwritten letter you’ll be encompassed but that person’s feelings.”

wearing fukutegami

each garment is subtly printed with letters and other stationery motifs

The message gets written on the inside of the garment so nobody else can read it. And a special material keeps it from getting washed away. And because it’s such a special piece of clothing, plenty of thought went into making it as well. Yokoi worked with a garment factory in Iwate, a printmaker in Kyoto and an embroiderer in Osaka to ensure that each garment was made with care and precision.