Today marks exactly 365 days since Spoon & Tamago began. And I must say, it`s been such an enjoyable experience and I love doing it! It`s a little embarrasing looking back at some of my older posts because I really had no idea what I was doing (seriously). But I guess that`s how we all learn and grow right?

Anyway, to commemorate, I`ve decided to accept sponsors to advertise on this site in order to cover the daily costs of blogging (hosting, research, etc.) and keep Spoon & Tamago as active as possible. Here is a breif introduction:

ATSUYO ET AKIKO are a brooklyn-based design team that bring imagination and storytelling into the realm of their designs. They have some really awesome children`s tees, as well as accessories, and I continue to admire the work that they produce!

TOMITA DESIGNS is the design studio of Ken Tomita, a multi-cultural designer who uses bamboo ply as his medium. His exquisite pieces are modern, with subtle traditional influences. I love the YAMA coffee table!

GREENTEA DESIGN is a treasue trove of Japanese and Asian inspired furniture. And they actually manufacture all their own stuff, which is pretty cool. I definitly reccomend checking out their site!