help huey win eco-cutie

My friend yuka pressured me into entering little huey in the inhabitots eco-cutie photo contest. So I just uploaded a picture but the contest ends in about 9 hours so we’re at a significant disadvantage. That’s where you come in! If you think huey deserves to win, follow THIS LINK and vote for him! continue to update #2.

update: unfortunately the link only takes you to the top of the page. so you’ll have to scroll far, far down… alternatively, you can do a page search for “huey” and that will take you there!

update #2: people have been unable to vote if they enter through a direct link… soooo, go to their MAIN PAGE and click on eco-cutie photo contest. It’s currently the 3rd post from the top. Why must they make it so complicated?

Here is little huey, subtly asserting his beliefs on climate change.


  1. What a lovely child he is!

  2. What a lovely child he is!

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