japanese snacks poster 2

From sweet to savory, Japan has a rich culture of freshly-made snacks. There’s gyoza and takoyaki for late-night snacking and castella and yokan for afternoon tea snacking. There’s kakigori for summertime snacking and hanami dango for spring cherry blossom-snacking. Illustrator Fanny Chu and I both share a love for Japanese snacks. The difference is that the former decided to turn her passion into a poster.

The Snack Poster-GIF-NEW

The California-based illustrator (who also created the Ramen Poster) has embarked on her 2nd project dealing with Japanese food. She’s picked 25 of her favorite snacks and turned them into illustrated posters, which she is offering through kickstarter in 2 different sizes.

Underneath each illustration is a list of ingredients indicating what each snack is made out of. “Each illustration was drawn based on real food,” says the illustrator. Which makes us wish we could have assisted in her research!

japanese snacks poster